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Everything with a perfect echoing silence buried under a crisp sheet of bright white. Shimmering, sparkling Crystalline, reflecting the sunlight, almost blinding . . . with the bitter bite of winter air slicing through your every breath and the swirling perfect whiteness that gave us Crystalline kisses.

Spanning 5 years between some of the shots in this collection, one bridge had been demolished and work on the 'Bridging to Tomorrow' projects had begun. With all the new activity taking place on the river banks as well as in the water the flow had taken on a slightly different path visually, changing some of the landscape on the shorelines. Between the seasonal elements and the progress of growth . . . I could still find the tranquil through all the chaos of nature and man combined. The shoreline of painted rocks and the foot notes showed signs of life on the river's edge, regardless of the elements. It is an urban environment after all.

A shout out to my sponsors and everyone that played a part in pulling this show together.